Frequently Asked Questions

It may seem counterintuitive but our soft toothbrush can get your teeth cleaner than toothbrushes with harder bristles. Studies have shown that soft toothbrushes with tapered-tip bristles do better job cleaning your teeth than medium/hard toothbrushes and they do less damage. For that reason, most dentists recommend choosing a toothbrush with soft bristles over one that is hard, or even medium.You can find here an official study results done by ADA (American Dental Association).

The main difference is that the nano toothbrush is softer than other toothbrushes on the market and it’s special for people whose gums are very sensitive.

Yes, children should use a toothbrush with soft bristles over hard ones. The soft bristle provides a thorough clean, but one that isn’t tough on the gum, avoiding wear and tear on sensitive areas as children’s teeth continue to develop.

The brush heads are designed with a greater density of bristles to last 2 times longer than the standard soft toothbrush — so you can get a solid 3–4 months use out of them.

This material has a good low water absorption rate, so it is very easy to dry.


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